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Excluding public employees, in the last year there have been 138 union elections filed in New York and 114 union elections held. In 83 of those elections a new unit was certified. There are currently 53 open representation cases and 43 of are still waiting to vote.

Number Employees in a Union Election by Outcome #

Number of Elections by Unit Size #

Largest Private Union Elections #

CityStateCase NameLabor UnionDate FiledTally DateTally TypeBallot TypeVotes For UnionVotes AgainstNum Eligible VotersCase
ManhattanNYNew York Water TaxiINTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF MASTERS, MATES & PILOTSJul 26, 2021Initial402-RC-280425
SyracuseNYWellNow Urgent Care1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers EastJul 23, 2021Initial14803-RC-280300
West SenecaNYSunbelt RentalsINTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING ENGINEERS - LOCAL 17Jul 22, 2021Initial1203-RC-280276
New YorkNYVolunteers of Legal ServiceUAW Local 2325 Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, AFL-CIOJul 21, 2021Initial1102-RC-280217
New YorkNYCity Winery New York, LLCTheatrical Protective Union, Local No. One, IATSE, AFL-CIOJul 21, 2021Initial402-RC-280252
RochesterNYMillwood IncorporatedBakery, Confectionery, Tobacco, and Grain Millers, Local Union 116Jul 21, 2021Initial2603-RC-280193
BrooklynNYTower Isles Frozen Foods Ltd.United Construction Trades and Industrial Employees Union Local 621Jul 16, 2021Initial6029-RC-280172
BrooklynNYDemocracy WorksNews Media Guild, TNG-CWA Local 31222Jul 16, 2021Initial3629-RC-280194
White PlainsNYGannett Co., Inc. dba The Journal News/, Times Herald Record/, and Poughkeepsie Journal/poughkeepsiejournal.comNewsGuild of New York Local 31003, TNG/CWA, AFL-CIOJul 14, 2021Initial4502-RC-279924
ManhattanNYOxford University PressNews Media Guild, Local 31222, TNG-CWA, AFL-CIOJul 09, 2021Initial16002-RC-279675
NanuetNYNorthern Manor1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers EastJul 08, 2021Initial1602-RC-279697
New YorkNYNational Audubon Society, Inc.Communications Workers of AmericaJul 01, 2021Initial12402-RC-279316
RonkonkomaNYSCH Sheet Metal, Inc.International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers Local Union No. 28Jul 01, 2021Initial3629-RC-279360
BrooklynNYBrooklyn Defender ServicesAssociation of Legal Aid Attorneys AFL CIO UAW Local 2325Jun 30, 2021Initial35529-RC-279302
JohnstownNYVireo Health of New York, LLCNew York Security Professionals Association (NYSPA)Jun 28, 2021Initial1203-RC-279092
BrooklynNYMJ Melo Painting, LtdInternational Brotherhood Electrical Workers Local 1430Jun 28, 2021Initial1629-RC-279096
New YorkNYMSNBC CABLE L.L.C.Writers Guild of America, East, Inc.Jun 25, 2021Initial30002-RC-279046
RochesterNYRochester Gas and ElectricInternational Brotherhood of Electrical WorkersJun 24, 2021Initial403-RC-278943
CheektowagaNYSisters of Charity HospitalCommunications Workers of America, AFL-CIOJun 22, 2021Initial3503-RC-278781
ElmiraNYArnot Ogden Medical CenterCommunications Workers of America AFL-CIOJun 22, 2021Initial3703-RC-278821
ManhattanNYPier 55, Inc. d/b/a Little IslandTheatrical Protective Union, Local No. One, IATSE, AFL-CIO, CLCJun 14, 2021Initial1902-RC-278451
HurleyvilleNYMongiellos Italian Cheese Specialties, LLC d/b/a Formaggio, Inc.United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 342Jun 09, 2021Jul 16, 2021InitialInitial228412003-RC-278270
BrooklynNYTri State LumberTransportation, Production &Warehouse Employees Union, Local 438Jun 08, 2021Initial3029-RC-278209
New YorkNYThe Blue SchoolLOCAL 2110, TECHNICAL, OFFICE & PROFESSIONAL UNION, UAW, AFL-CIOJun 07, 2021Initial8102-RC-278139
BrooklynNYPrime Packaging Corp.Transportation, Production, & Warehouse Employees Union, Local 438Jun 07, 2021Initial3029-RC-278216
BrooklynNYBrooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences d/b/a Brooklyn MuseumTechnical, Office and Professional Union, Local 2110 United Auto Workers, AFL-CIOMay 25, 2021Initial13029-RC-277644
New YorkNYWhitney Museum of American ArtTechnical, Office and Professional Union, Local 2110 UAW, AFL-CIOMay 17, 2021Initial19002-RC-277194
BrooklynNYKosher Garden, Inc. DBA Pomegranate SupermarketLocal 713 International Brotherhood of the Trade UnionApr 28, 2021Initial7229-RC-276343
BrooklynNYJofaz Transportation, Inc. and Y & M Transit, Inc.Amalgamated Transit Workers Local 854Apr 26, 2021Initial100029-RC-276206
New YorkNYInsider Inc.The NewsGuild of New York, Local 31003 TNG/CWAApr 22, 2021Jun 28, 2021InitialInitial2411430702-RC-276030
Staten IslandNYThe Children's VillageSpecial Patrolman Benevolent AssociationApr 14, 2021Initial1729-RC-275629
WantaghNYNorthstar Industries IncLOCAL 854Apr 06, 2021Initial429-RC-275164
BrooklynNYNYC Crane Hoist Operations, LLCIron Workers Local 197 Stone Derrickmen & RiggersMar 26, 2021Initial1129-RC-274826
BrooklynNYProject Social Care Head Start, Inc.District Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIOMar 05, 2021Initial2229-RC-273752
BrooklynNYCentral Yetev Lev D'Satmar Meat, Inc.The United Production Workers Union Local 17-18Jan 27, 2021Jul 02, 2021InitialInitial1923529-RC-271860
BrooklynNYMonfefo LLCUnited Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 1500Jan 25, 2021Initial729-RC-271803
BrooklynNY13th Avenue Supermarket LLC d/b/a Gourmet GlattLocal 713, International Brotherhood of Trade Unions, UMD, ILA, AFL-CIOJan 13, 2021Initial8529-RC-271363
InwoodNYD. Daniels Contracting Ltd.Waste Material, Recycling, and General Industrial Laborers' Local 108Jan 12, 2021Initial1529-RC-271259
East MorichesNYTate's Bake Shop, Inc.Amalgamated Local 298, Eastern States Joint Board, International Union of Allied, Novelty and Production Workers, AFL-CIOJan 07, 2021Initial30029-RC-271138
BrooklynNYpowerHouse Cultural Entertainment, Inc.Book Workers UnitedJan 04, 2021Initial229-RC-271113
BrooklynNYCazanove Opici Wine Group d/b/a Opici Family Distributing of New YorkUFCW Local 2-DDec 16, 2020Initial4629-RC-270372
New YorkNYMuseum of Jewish HeritageDistrict Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIOOct 21, 2020Dec 22, 2020InitialInitial1752602-RC-267888
LockportNYLockport Rehab and Health Care Center1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers EastOct 05, 2020Initial1503-RC-267049
LockportNYLockport Rehab and Health Care Center1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers EastOct 05, 2020Initial6703-RC-267061
YonkersNYRising GroundWarehouse Production Sales and Allied Service Employees Union Local 811 AFL-CIOSep 04, 2020Initial802-RC-265712
BronxNYUniversal Protection Services, LLC d/b/a Allied Universal SecurityLocal 642 Security Allied Federated Employees Union S.A.F.E.Feb 04, 2020Dec 10, 2020RerunInitial122002-RC-255684
BronxNYUniversal Protection Services, LLC d/b/a Allied Universal SecurityLocal 642 Security Allied Federated Employees Union S.A.F.E.Feb 04, 2020Feb 27, 2020InitialInitial641802-RC-255684
MaspethNYKingsland/WinstarLocal 1922, IBEW, AFL-CIOOct 18, 2019Initial2029-RC-250173
Bay ShoreNYRHCG Safety Corp.Construction & General Building Laborers' Local 79, Laborers International Union of North AmericaAug 12, 2015Jan 27, 2016InitialRevised342212029-RC-157827
PoughkeepsieNYMarist CollegeService Employees International Union, Local 200 UnitedApr 28, 2014Oct 31, 2016RerunInitial16717754903-RC-127374
PoughkeepsieNYMarist CollegeService Employees International Union, Local 200 UnitedApr 28, 2014Sep 06, 2016InitialRevised16219750003-RC-127374
PoughkeepsieNYMarist CollegeService Employees International Union, Local 200 UnitedApr 28, 2014Jun 30, 2014InitialInitial15416550003-RC-127374
SYOSSETNYCommercial Building Maintenance Corp.INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TRADE UNIONS LOCAL 713Jul 18, 2013Initial1102-RC-109420
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