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Excluding public employees, in the last year there have been 21 union elections filed in Puerto Rico and 16 union elections held. In 9 of those elections a new unit was certified. There are currently 4 open representation cases and 4 of are still waiting to vote.

Union Elections by Outcome #

Timeline of Activity by Unit Size #

Largest Private Union Elections #

City State Case Name Labor Union Date Filed Tally Date Tally Type Ballot Type Votes For Union Votes Against Num Eligible Voters Case
Carolina PR Aerostar Airport Holdings, Inc. Hermandad de Empleados de Oficina, Comercio y Ramas Anexas de Puerto Rico May 05, 2022 Initial 20 12-RC-295308
Ponce PR Hospital Damas, Inc. Unidad Laboral De Enfermeras(os) y Empleados De La Salud (ULEES) Apr 29, 2022 Initial 38 12-RC-294973
Aguadilla PR Suiza Dairy Corporation Central General de Trabajadores Apr 19, 2022 Initial 3 12-RC-294286
Toa Baja PR OS-DB-JV-2 SPT- Local SEIU 1996, Service Employer International Union Apr 19, 2022 Initial 159 12-RC-294302
Data last updated on: May 23 2022 17:46 UTC