Teamsters #

Excluding public employees, in the last year there have been 182 union elections filed by the Teamsters and 198 union elections held. In 122 of those elections a new unit was certified. There are currently 46 open representation cases and 36 of are still waiting to vote.

Number Employees in a Union Election by Outcome #

Number of Elections by Unit Size #

Largest Private Union Elections #

CityStateCase NameLabor UnionDate FiledTally DateTally TypeBallot TypeVotes For UnionVotes AgainstNum Eligible VotersCase
Kansas CityMOUniFirst CorporationInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters Local Union No. 955Jul 26, 2021Initial1314-RC-280407
Wood RiverILApple BusInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 525Jul 22, 2021Initial2214-RC-280288
FresnoCAKEURIG DR PEPPER INC.Teamsters Local 431Jul 15, 2021Initial3232-RC-280004
SwedesboroNJRyder Integrated Logistics, Inc.Teamsters Local 107Jul 14, 2021Initial1904-RC-279910
SelinsgrovePAHometown DisposalTeamsters Local Union No. 764Jul 14, 2021Initial2206-RC-279869
PlymouthMAFirst Student, Inc.INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS LOCAL 653Jul 13, 2021Initial8501-RC-279838
Saint LouisMOBrenntag Chemical CompanyTeamsters Local 618Jul 07, 2021Initial2114-RC-279611
OcalaFLAmeriGas Propane, Inc.Teamsters Local 79Jul 02, 2021Initial1712-RC-279412
KentWAGonselves & Santucci, Inc. d/b/a The Conco CompaniesGeneral Teamsters Local Union #174Jul 02, 2021Initial1119-RC-279446
VenturaCADairy Farmers of AmericaTeamsters Local Union No. 186Jul 02, 2021Initial5531-RC-279426
Miami SpringsFLIntermodal Mexico USA, LLCTeamsters Local Union No. 769Jun 29, 2021Initial912-RC-279295
Santa Fe SpringsCAAnheuser-Busch, LLCTeamsters Local Union 896, International Brotherhood of TeamstersJun 29, 2021Initial3521-RC-279204
PlymouthMII Am Detroit, Inc.Teamsters Local Union No. 337 affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)Jun 28, 2021Initial507-RC-279145
LouisvilleKYZEON CHEMICALS L.P.General Drivers, Warehousemen and Helpers, Local Union No. 89, affiliated with the International Brotherhood of TeamstersJun 23, 2021Jul 23, 2021InitialInitial62809-RC-278921
EdwardsvilleILRoxana Landfill, LLCTeamsters, Automotive, Petroleum and Allied Workers, Local No. 50Jun 23, 2021Initial1214-RC-278912
NewarkNJHARVEST ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTITUTE AND SERVICES, INC.Department Store & Wholesale Drivers., Warehousemen & Helpers, Local Inion NO. 177 Affiliated with International Brotherhood of TeamstersJun 17, 2021Initial922-RC-278647
AdelantoCAWellpath, LLCTeamsters Local 1932Jun 17, 2021Initial6231-RC-278744
WichitaKSHallcon CorporationInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 795Jun 15, 2021Initial914-RC-278560
MinneapolisMNSysco Western Minnesota, Inc.Teamsters Local 120Jun 09, 2021Initial4018-RC-278314
TollesonAZAlbertsons LLCGeneral Teamsters (Excluding Mailers), State of Arizona, Local Union No. 104, a/w International Brotherhood of TeamstersJun 09, 2021Initial1128-RC-278285
MunsterINList Industries, Inc.International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local Union No. 142Jun 08, 2021Jul 15, 2021InitialInitial581513-RC-278226
West SacramentoCACEMEX Construction Materials Pacific, LLCChauffeurs Teamsters & Helpers, Local Union No. 150Jun 07, 2021Jul 15, 2021InitialInitial51620-RC-278171
HobokenNJNumber 22 Hillside LLCInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 560Jun 07, 2021Initial7022-RC-278127
Las VegasNVEndurance Environmental Solutions, LLCTeamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers, Local Union No. 631 a/w International Brotherhood of TeamstersJun 02, 2021Initial8028-RC-277982
AustinTXPraxair Distribution, Inc.TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION NO. 657May 28, 2021Initial1016-RC-277810
AberdeenWADel Monte Foods, Inc.Teamsters Local 760 affiliated with the International Brotherhood of TeamstersMay 18, 2021Jul 21, 2021InitialInitial60919-RC-277373
HuntsvilleOHOhio Ready Mix, Inc.International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), Local Union 908May 05, 2021Initial2408-RC-276665
ClackamasORImperfect Foods, Inc.Teamsters Local 162May 04, 2021Jul 19, 2021InitialInitial424410219-RC-276605
PatersonNJChampion Container CorporationLOCAL 560, INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERSMay 04, 2021Initial922-RC-276607
MaderaCALand O’ Lakes, Inc.INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS, LOCAL 517Apr 22, 2021Initial5532-RC-276000
SalinasCAINCOTEC Integrated Coating and Seed Technology, Inc.TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION 890Apr 19, 2021Initial2232-RC-275865
ElizabethNJFreight Management Group, Inc. t/a FSILOCAL 863, INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERSApr 14, 2021Initial4222-RC-275549
ClevelandOHThe American National Red CrossTeamsters Local Union No. 507Apr 09, 2021Initial708-RC-275374
SalemVAUS Foods, Inc.International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 171Mar 24, 2021Jun 02, 2021InitialInitial514012410-RC-274613
San DiegoCAUNF West, Inc., a/k/a United Natural FoodsTeamsters Local 63, International Brotherhood of TeamstersMar 08, 2021Initial321-RC-273819
ModestoCASysco Central California, Inc.TEAMSTERS UNION LOCAL 386, INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERSFeb 09, 2021Initial4432-RC-272441
PhiladelphiaPADrexel UniversityTEAMSTERS UNION LOCAL NO. 115 a/w INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERSJan 15, 2021Mar 31, 2021InitialInitial1221804-RC-271435
Kansas CityKSXPO Logistics Freight, Inc.International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 41Jun 12, 2020Jun 25, 2021InitialRevised667115014-RC-261601
Kansas CityKSXPO Logistics Freight, Inc.International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 41Jun 12, 2020Aug 17, 2020InitialInitial636715014-RC-261601
North BergenNJCORT Business Services CorporationInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 814Mar 10, 2020Initial4822-RC-257765
Las VegasNVFreshPoint Southern California, Inc.International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 630Nov 26, 2019Initial828-RC-252613
SuffolkVASysco Hampton Roads, Inc.International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local Union 822Jul 26, 2019Aug 29, 2019InitialInitial45328705-RC-245597
Las VegasNVCEMEX Construction Materials Pacific, LLCInternational Brotherhood of TeamstersDec 03, 2018Initial36928-RC-232059
BELLEVILLENJMendez Trucking, Inc.Teamsters Local 282Apr 18, 2017Initial3522-RC-197006
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